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At Saint Lucia, nature always comes first. It has gentle, golden slopes, shaded olive groves, thick oak woods, flower meadows, and an alluring sense of wilderness. This is Italy the way it should be, as it once was. A sanctuary where you can relax and take deep breaths.

The Courtyard

Inside Saint Lucia there are two key courtyards. The first courtyard, located in front of the kitchen, holds a special allure, courtesy of the enchanting ivy that has gracefully grown to form its natural boundaries.

The second courtyard, a breathtaking sight, boasts a lush grassy lawn embraced by majestic, towering umbrella pines and cypress trees

The Salotto

Our Salotto is the perfect place to steal away and read a book. Is the heart of the house, a place to linger over the view of the castle and plan your day.

The Kitchen

The kitchen of the house welcomes everyone with its open layout, featuring a fully equipped oven and a comfortable table for preparing delectable dishes. It boasts a window that overlooks the charming porch.

Additionally, guests have the option to utilize the kitchen in the annex, which offers the convenience of a wood-burning oven for crafting mouthwatering pizzas.



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S. Lucia Farmhouse


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